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Are you moving into a new home, moving out or handing over the residential property?     Our dedicated service makes it easier for you during this process. Swiss property law     dictates that properties must be well cleaned during the handing over process, and it is best recommended for professionals like us get to clean the property up until the point that is must be accepted by the property owner or housing agency, thus given you the stress-free to focus on your relocation.

With guarantee - We are one of the only companies that offers cleaning guarantee with over 99.6% success rate without further intervention, thus saving our clients lots of hassle and stress. Our cleaning guarantee option literally guarantees you that we will come back immediately and reclean the property in the case your agency or landlord aren’t completely satisfied.


End of tenancy cleaning service include:

- Bathrooms and toilet cleaning (removal of limescale 100%)

- Cleaning of wall tiles in the bathrooms and toilet

- Vacuuming and cleaning of floors and plinths

- Corridor cleaning

- Kitchen cleaning  (removal of oil & grease 100%)

- Oven cleaning

- Fridge cleaning

- Sink and cupboard cleaning

- Bedrooms cleaning

- Exterior blinds cleaning (shutters)

- Windows cleaning

- Windows frame cleaning - Head, Jambs, Sill and Jambliner

- Living room cleaning

- Doors & frames cleaning

- Light switches & sockets cleaning

- Balcony cleaning

- Dishwasher and filters cleaning

- Removal of cobwebs

- Radiators and shelves cleaning

- Extractor fans cleaning




- We use our professional products, tools and materials.

- Removal of grease, marks, oil and stains 100% .

- This quote comes with a 100% guarantee that your home will pass full cleaning inspection and successful handover.

- We will issue you a contract which is includes your guarantee.

End of tenancy cleaning - with guarantee


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